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Raymond Wright was born on November 14th, 1971. Raised in St. Catherine (Jamaica), he started his musical career by playing a variety of musical instruments and singing in his local church where he also conducted singing lessons. His spiritual devotion and love for the church led him to study theology, which he successfully completed, obtaining a theological degree. But his call and passion for singing and music kept being a significant part of his path in life and he decided to follow his heart and to pursue a career within the music industry.

Raymond Wright is a very unique vocalist who no doubt, has potential that can easily match the likes of seasoned artistes like the great Luther Vandross, Beres Hammond, Luciano and Barry White. He is in excellent control of his very own variable, distinctive, strong and husky voice.

In 1998 and the three years that followed, he started working with ‘Shocking Vibes Crew’ who were also nurturing the careers of Reggae-Stars such as Beenie Man, Bling Dog, Tanto Metro & Devonte,. He released numerous singles during this time, with producers like „Sly Dunbar” and ‘World-A-Muzik’s’ Barry O’Hare”. Fully enjoying the thrill of live entertainment and performance he appeared on various local stages as well as on major concerts in Jamaica and throughout Europe.

When he performed in Italy at the Rototom Sunsplash in 2001, he decided to continue to pursue his musical career from there. He released his album “Point Black” for Steve Giant from Rasta Snob magazine and continued to perform on various local and major events around Europe. With his belief, love and the power of his music he stayed motivated and kept on working towards the achievement of his goals.

God’s words give Raymond a simple and right message in every situation and so they have always inspired his songs and lyrics. Furthermore, the love for his children gives him the strength and focus when writing songs concerning love, truth, respect and education. Raymond surely believes that LOVE is the most important asset and bond of mankind and has the power to unite people in peace. Through his songs he wants to share this love and give people a deeper understanding.